• School Of LOVE

    www.schooloflove.info SOL is a platform for collective practices that stem from reflections on the notion of Love as a public concern and a political mode of being that should be taught in schools. It was initiated in 2016 by students and teachers from the Autonomous Design department at KASK school of Arts (Ghent, BE), but consists of artists and researchers from different fields. SOL is practiced through regular weekly meetings, events, workshops and performances that engage with the exploration of Love and School as charged with potential for change in society. SOL aims to contribute to the perception of school as more than just a safe incubator that prepares the inexperienced to an existing reality outside of it. We approach school as a place for experiment, reflection and collectivity, that can change society instead of adapting to it. We insist on learning how to deal with the unknown, rather than in learning how to know.
  • Syntrofi [σύντροφοι] performative lunches – research\social design 2017

    Syntrofi [σύντροφοι] performative lunches

    Master visual arts - Autonomous design

    Syntrofi: Greek compound word coming from feed [trofi] + together [syn] and means companions,comrades,lovers...

    Syntrofi is a series of performative Lunches in which stories of exclusion within art schools are served, processed and digested. Taking on a perspective of the vulnerable observer who is being both an artist in and a researcher of the educational institution, Syntrofi examines the (missed) potential of school environments to facilitate practices of commoning and inclusion. The project draws its material from collective processes, classrooms and kitchens, students, teachers, maintenance personnel and administrators, as well as from those who, for one reason or another, ended up outside art school's walls. Throughout the performances, we share our stories, not as individuals but as cases that bring up interesting dilemmas and reflections about the world and art education today.
    Assemblism is an urgent response to the need for new social infrastructures . The Syntrofi project crosses through artistic and social design practices, where the observer is the part taker, the public is the performer, the artistic is the political and individual cases become a collective concern. In the Syntrofi table, public is invited to chew upon stories served by the performers and is welcome to have a conversation on each of them. The public is also asked to share their own stories, experiences and thoughts and research concerns about schools in nowadays societies.
    Initiative, Concept: Elli Vassalou
    Realization, Performance: Hazal Arda, Bilal Kamilla Arnout, Ritam Hazarika, Elli Vassalou
    mentors: Adva Zakai, An Van Dienderen
    Supported by: SOL, KASK, HOGENT, BUDA art center, 123 Logements
    MAP expo, KASK, Gent February 2017.
    M55 Art residence, Athens, Greece, March 2017. KASK,  Zwarte Zaal - graduation expo, Gent June 2017.
    Nominated for the Horlait-Daspens price.
    Published on Metropolis M Magazine, August 2017
  • The city as a dream of presence [Geopeotics urban laboratory] 2016

    The City as a Dream of Presence; an urban performance laboratory November 2016
    facilitators: Elli Vassalou (architect, multimedia artist, performer) Anna Tzakou (performer, theatre deviser)
    Exhibition [OUT] TOP\AS: Performance & Public / Outdoor Space
    Benaki Museum - Peiraios 138
    If the city's experience fades away from its norms What would there be to notice, to affect and be affected by, to care and dream of? Would it signify the discovering of a new or hidden place that it has been sending us insightful messages of who we are and how we stand in this world?
    In this laboratory we use the body as a mean of activating space. Through movement (or stillness) we explore the urban space as a kinaesthetic and audiovisual environment.  We experiment with the senses and their objects such as form, shape, perspective and time in order to expand the mind to new mythologies of the urban space. The workshop addressed dancers, performers, artists, architects and anyone wishing to explore the city with her body and sight.
    The workshop took space in and around the areas of the Benaki Museum [Kerameikos- Metaxoyrgeio].
    photos by: Elli Vassalou, Christina Thomopoulou, Eleni Mastrogeorgopoulou
  • the Narrative Thread [collective action] October 2016

    residency at Zsenne Art Lab, Brussels, October 2016
    OUTSIDERS project, initiative by Eve Bonneau video of the project presentation here
    The Narrative Thread** video installation, public participatory action by Elli Vassalou
    video action: following the path of an unknown person that in an unknown time stacked outside of Zsenne gallery the sticker "no one is illegal", I follow the stickers through the city, making visible the narration of this previous action. In the same time, with my blue yarn, I  frame and connect items and relations I see [through this trajectory] in the public space, related in a way with the notion of the stranger\foreigner, legal illegal and more.
    I create a "film" that the body is the celluloid and the blue yarn is the camera that zooms in details, creating the story.
    live action 2: after watching the instruction video - installation, the people can follow the path and also take pieces [threads] of the blue yarn and add up their narrations and interests in the "story".
    Different people took the same path in public space, connecting their bodies through time and movement. the yarn plays the role of the storyteller, but the story is be open for interpretation of the people that  follow the trajectory. The Narrative thread makes the exploration of the public space a polyphonic collective experience, that activates one body at a time but connects the bodies through different times in space.
    ** thread: a long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibers used in sewing or weaving.
    Narrative thread: A narrative thread, or plot thread (or more ambiguously, a storyline), refers to particular elements and techniques of writing to center the story in the action or experience of characters rather than to relate a matter in a dry "all knowing" sort of narration. [wiki]
  • water and dreams [research in underwater dance] 2015

    by Elli Vassalou

    research and experimentation on apneustic underwater movement https://vimeo.com/157566520 Water is the element that gave birth to life. The sea is not the natural environment of the human being, but there is a memory of it hidden underneath our daily selves, that goes back in the womb or even further back to our evolutionary body characteristics. The Mammalian diving reflex is an automatic reaction when we submerge in water, t causes Bradycardia, a decrease in heart rate that is also occurring normally in the state of deep sleep and meditation. That makes aquatic environment a common place for dreams and introspection. In the underwater world, human body can move liberated from gravity and fly over the landscape. Movement is not devised by weight but from buoyancy and respiration. What are the possibilities of working in this environment while discovering the personal and communal psychophysical effect?

    7 days workshop in the submarine landscape of Maherida Beach performers, movement researchers: Gitsa Kostantoudaki, Elli Vassalou Chania, Crete, Greece, August 2015

    video documentation & editing by Elli Vassalou music in the video documentation composed by Tom Adams for Piano Day March 29 2015, track "Submarine"
  • BLIND DATE #12 [assistant curator] 2006-2015

    weddingcave.wordpress.com + blinddate12.blogspot.gr

    Blind Date #12 is an interdisciplinary, art research platform, having as its basic axis the collaboration between a changing group of contemporary fine artists and a group with a background in arts and sciences of other disciplines. The project begins with the meeting of 12 people (6+6) without any of the members of the first group knowing any of the members of the second. The date is blind. During the first meeting couples are formed and each one is then asked to coexist and jointly produce action and thought in 45 days time. Blind Date#12 is an encounter. Its rationale is founded on the creative co-action of individuals, who have different points of departure share the will for co-operation and have a strong inquisitive sense. The aim is not a simple crossing of media, artistic or other but the project itself as the evolution of cooperative otherness. “One” being the intention, can it be produced by two people?
    - The Holy Bachelorette in the Wedding Cave - Greek festival 2015
    - Set out for Ithaca 2013 / a poetic blind date - Ithaca island 2013*
    - Arts and Philosophy - gallery Thision Lofts 2007
    - Arts and Literature - Industrial Space of Keriadon and Sfittion 2006
    *not participated
    visit site for more information
    Curator: Adonis Volanakis
    Curator assistant: Elli Vassalou
    Web+Graphic design: Elli Vassalou
    Photography: Alexander Koromilas
  • open nature – physical theatre training and improvisation in Lycabettus [participation] 2014

    research-workshop, training leader Angela Delichatsios
    September - November 2014. Athens, Lykavittos hill // facebook
    photos G. Doukas
    We invite you to a research project about the relationship between physical theatre and nature, which will take place over a series of eight sessions in the “small canyon of Lykavittos hill”. In these sessions, we will train in physical theatre practices from the lineage of Polish theatre influenced by Grotowski. We will also base our training in techniques of meditation and improvisation from Barbara Dilley’s Contemplative Dance Practice, and we will work with text using selections from the poems of George Seferis. The development of Contemplative Dance Practice in a natural environment is a product of the Geopoetics doctoral research practice of Anna Tzakou (Nisyros, 2013).
    The workshop is a continuation of research and training Angela Delichatsios undertook while developing her work-in-progress performance “Entering the Canyon”, which was shown in June 2014 in Lykavyttos, with the collaboration of Andriana Alexiou. The themes of the work-in-progress, and also of the current research, are related to the following questions:
    - what is missing for us from nature when we live in the city?
    - can we make up for some part of this “missing piece” through theatrical meetings in nature?
    - can you build a future performance where the audience and the performers both experience restoration and connection in nature?
    At each meeting, the first part will be made up of training, so that the participants can develop a common vocabulary with which to improvise in the second part. Angela Delichatisos will lead the training, and she will hold the space during the open improvisation time, meaning she will operate as an ouside observer, in order to provide feedback to the participants and to observe the development of the research.
    The research workshop is open to actors, dancers, musicians, and performers with an interest in physical theatre and nature. The workshop is also open to people who are interested in deepening their contact with their bodies, with nature, and with their expressive potential. All that is asked is that the participants offer their full presence.
    We hope to see you in the Canyon! May the forest be with you!
  • SHETISTES [photography] 2014

    Site Specific Installation at the Slow Festival, held in semi-abandoned building at Panepistimiou 64 Omonia Sq.
    by Marianna Xyntaraki + Lida Voutsina
    photography Elli Vassalou
    more about this project @hiboux Architecture
    περισσότερα για τους Σχετιστες εδώ
    An empty sex shop that  moved across the street … Sexual equipments for sale, items designed to increase desire and intensify sexual contact. Erotic mediators that regulate behaviors and establish ways of approaching the other. The sexual act is condensed in the temporality of  ¨sex¨ and established within the domain of privacy.
    On the contrary at the public sphere the collective behaviors are automated and repeatable leading to a continuous production of the same.
    Waiting time, the dead  time spent at the subway, in the bank, at the cashier of the supermarket. Time  vulnerable and  fragile  precisely because it is time – in between-.
    We attempt to disrupt the automated collective behavior by making use of two archetypical gestures:  touching under the table seen as a sexual allusion and the scratching of the back as a physical pleasure.
    As we depart from sex shop products, equipments that are intended to accelerate the desire and maximize pleasure during sex, we shift to artifacts that explore the  relationship between desire and pleasure by constantly delaying and postponing sexual intercourse.
    Actually sexual contact Is decompressed , its realm expands and  intrudes into the public sphere , so as to include all the processes of managing  the distance from each other.
    Artifacts attached to the body [as references to those of the sex shop] are displaying another kind of sexual practice. A kind  that addresses a public availability.
    Odd objects and  artifacts of questionable effectiveness. Unclear messages in a communication whose means should be re-explored.
  • parliament [social choreography – participation] 2014

    The pioneering exhibition Parliament presents a work at a cross-section between Fine Arts and Performance, that will unfold in the courtyard of Pireos Street Annexe over the period of two weeks. Ordinary citizens, from all walks of society, come together to re-negotiate human affairs anew. The audience can join this process and immerse themselves amongst the diverse participants of Parliament. Throughout the opening-times boundaries between visitors and the participants constantly blur. They can watch from the sidelines or explore the courtyard and form relations. Citizens chosen through an open call for participation, will be given the opportunity to spend up to three working days together in the large courtyard of the Benaki Pireos Museum. There, they will spend the entire time observing themselves and each other whilst building a tentative system of exchange through simple means of movement. This process is guided by earlier conversations with choreographer Kliën. The space as well as the sparse sonic landscape will offer no particular sensory stimulation; all day will be spent tuning perception to the underlying dynamics of the individual and collective mind, sensing, and interacting with, nature’s self-organising dynamics. Traces inscribed in gestures and relations are left behind by each individual, potentially being picked up, developed and propagated by someone else. The public, who moves freely through the space amongst the ten individuals, does not necessarily know who is, and who is not, officially part of Parliament. Audience members can volunteer to take the place of a participant for three days (after a day of initiation). Choreography: Michael Kliën(AT) Artistic Collaborator: Vitoria Kotsalou (GR), Jeffrey Gormly (IE) Dramaturgy: Steve Valk (DE) Participants: 50 citizens as well as some from the audience
  • scotoma [action, video performance] 2014

    in situ on going action for the Athens Video Dance Project festival, Athens School of Fine Arts, February 2014
    Maya Dalinsky, Elli Vassalou  
    Scotoma   [area of partial distortion in the field of vision].  Scotoma invites visitors to relive pre-recorded trajectories and dances through the spaces of Athens Video Dance Project. Guided by the playback mode on a handheld camera, Scotoma takes spectators one-by-one on a journey into an uncanny reality, produced by the unique distortion that results when digital and physiological modes of seeing collide.