• School Of LOVE

    Maybe one day, love will no longer be considered a private endeavour or a hippy slogan, but rather a public and a political mode of being. Imagine a time when schools will not merely be a protective incubator that prepares one for life outside of it, but an engaged environment that influences the world... SOL / School Of Love is an initiative of students and teachers from the Autonome Vormgeving department at KASK. SOL came to existence spontaneously as a school inside a school, in March 2016, out of a workshop that explored the notions of Love and School as modes of attention. Somehow, the workshop became a school of love in itself. Since then it continues through regular weekly meetings, events, workshops and performances. Sometimes we just spend time together, inside the school, creating an empty space for the unexpected to happen. SOL has no predetermined curriculum. It avoids defining itself and its goals in order to allow activities to emerge through the presence and interest of its participants, who come from inside KASK as well from outside of the institution. Anyone can be a part of SOL, anything can become a project in it, and it can take place anywhere, as long as it's stimulated by the will to re-think both school and love as charged with potential for change and engagement in society. It is what we make it to be. Regular meetings every Thursday at 16.30 and on.... @Conversation Room, Autonome Vormgeving, KASK, Gent School’s out at 21/12