• The Post Collective

    http://post.opendesigncourse.be/ The Post Collective offers an autonomous platform of co-creation co-learning and cultural activism for refugees, asylum seekers, sans papiers and invited participants. It seeks to introduce a range of artistic, cultural and employment opportunities, as well as provide an overall collaborative environment for the participants regardless of their legal status. The collective arose from the version of the ‘Open Design Course for Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ at KASK school of arts, Ghent (BE). Generative modes of dialogue and storytelling played a central part of this course and also form an important basis to the speculative and experiential approaches to design and art making embraced by the collective. For a priority goal is in developing creative alternatives beyond and against the dominate systems of control and exclusion facing refugees and those sans papier. This means facilitating the position where they do not struggle to be assimilated but instead strive to rethink and re-conceptualize critically a future where the identity of the refugee is celebrated as “the vanguard of their peoples” and, as such, involves a level of participation in the society that is not just filling in the gaps in terms of representing diversity. The agency and existential empowerment of the individual as Hannah Arendt reminds us “arises only when people act together” and therefore the collective aims to forge ongoing connections and modes of exchange with other groups and organizations. Offering a situation where the collective’s participants ask questions and do the inviting rather than just be invited. For as Tania Cañas explains “This is a conceptual shift from working for community, and not even with, but as community“. Individual and group projects already generated by the collective include poster design, film and sound productions, publications and performance works.


    Mirra Markhaeva (Buriatia) Illustrator / graphic designer 
    Fatma Alomrani (Lybia) Artist / human rights activist /editor
    Elli Vassalou (Greece) Artist / Activist / Designer / Researcher
    Mohamed Tawfiq (Iraq) Graphic designer / game designer
    Hooman (Iran) Artist / musician / digital designer
    Sawsan Mahir (Syria) Philosopher / designer
    Marcus Bergner (Australia) Filmmaker / writer/ sound artist Muhned Bnana (Lybia) Writer/ Researcher
    Yared Yilma (Ethiopia) Writer / tour leader / polyglot Samer Alagha (Syria) Artist
    Email: odc.postcollective@gmail.com fb page: https://www.facebook.com/post.collective/
  • OPEN DESIGN COURSE for refugees and asylum seekers

    http://opendesigncourse.be KASK / School of Arts Ghent offers a course in Open Design for refugees and asylum seekers currently staying in Belgium. The course program focuses on Open Design as a technological and as a cultural, artistic and critical practice. The course method is based on co-creation and peer learning, and puts an emphasis on new media literacy. This 8-week course is open for refugees, asylum seekers but also “sans papiers” and people who does not have easy access to higher education. The course accepts a maximum of 12 participants. Candidates should apply by sending some background information about themselves (see register). Our common language is English. There is no tuition fee, participation is free of charge.
  • Syntrofi -on privilege- [performative lunches] 2019

    Participatory lunch performance produced with the School of Love for the “EXERCICES IN AWERNESS” programme, “Women and Children First” festival, Vooruit, Ghent | January – February 2019.
    Syntrofi [σύντροφοι] is a greek compound word - coming from feed [trofi] + together [syn] - which means: “companions, comrades, lovers…”
    Syntrofi takes on a perspective of a vulnerable observer, who looks into art and education institutions from within the position of the marginal and the excluded. Around the lunch table audience and performers will become Syntrofi. Personal stories on privilege will be served, chewed on, and digested through conversations and engaged togetherness that acknowledge the complexity of contradicting desires.
    This project was first initiated in 2017 by Elli Vassalou and developed within the School of Love [SOL]. In this iteration, Syntrofi will be co-created and performed by Yared Yilma, Elli Vassalou, Hazal Arda, Weronika Zalewska, Adva Zakai, Martina Petrovic, Marcus Bergner and Sawsan Maher.
  • School Of LOVE

    www.schooloflove.info SOL is a platform for collective practices that stem from reflections on the notion of Love as a public concern and a political mode of being that should be taught in schools. It was initiated in 2016 by students and teachers from the Autonomous Design department at KASK school of Arts (Ghent, BE), but consists of artists and researchers from different fields. SOL is practiced through regular weekly meetings, events, workshops and performances that engage with the exploration of Love and School as charged with potential for change in society. SOL aims to contribute to the perception of school as more than just a safe incubator that prepares the inexperienced to an existing reality outside of it. We approach school as a place for experiment, reflection and collectivity, that can change society instead of adapting to it. We insist on learning how to deal with the unknown, rather than in learning how to know.
  • Syntrofi [σύντροφοι] performative lunches – research\social design 2017

    Syntrofi [σύντροφοι] performative lunches

    Master visual arts - Autonomous design

    Syntrofi: Greek compound word coming from feed [trofi] + together [syn] and means companions,comrades,lovers...

    Syntrofi is a series of performative Lunches in which stories of exclusion within art schools are served, processed and digested. Taking on a perspective of the vulnerable observer who is being both an artist in and a researcher of the educational institution, Syntrofi examines the (missed) potential of school environments to facilitate practices of commoning and inclusion. The project draws its material from collective processes, classrooms and kitchens, students, teachers, maintenance personnel and administrators, as well as from those who, for one reason or another, ended up outside art school's walls. Throughout the performances, we share our stories, not as individuals but as cases that bring up interesting dilemmas and reflections about the world and art education today.
    Assemblism is an urgent response to the need for new social infrastructures . The Syntrofi project crosses through artistic and social design practices, where the observer is the part taker, the public is the performer, the artistic is the political and individual cases become a collective concern. In the Syntrofi table, public is invited to chew upon stories served by the performers and is welcome to have a conversation on each of them. The public is also asked to share their own stories, experiences and thoughts and research concerns about schools in nowadays societies.
    Initiative, Concept: Elli Vassalou
    Realization, Performance: Hazal Arda, Bilal Kamilla Arnout, Ritam Hazarika, Elli Vassalou
    mentors: Adva Zakai, An Van Dienderen
    Supported by: SOL, KASK, HOGENT, BUDA art center, 123 Logements
    MAP expo, KASK, Gent February 2017.
    M55 Art residence, Athens, Greece, March 2017. KASK,  Zwarte Zaal - graduation expo, Gent June 2017.
    Nominated for the Horlait-Daspens price.
    Published on Metropolis M Magazine, August 2017
  • BLIND DATE #12 [assistant curator] 2006-2015

    weddingcave.wordpress.com + blinddate12.blogspot.gr

    Blind Date #12 is an interdisciplinary, art research platform, having as its basic axis the collaboration between a changing group of contemporary fine artists and a group with a background in arts and sciences of other disciplines. The project begins with the meeting of 12 people (6+6) without any of the members of the first group knowing any of the members of the second. The date is blind. During the first meeting couples are formed and each one is then asked to coexist and jointly produce action and thought in 45 days time. Blind Date#12 is an encounter. Its rationale is founded on the creative co-action of individuals, who have different points of departure share the will for co-operation and have a strong inquisitive sense. The aim is not a simple crossing of media, artistic or other but the project itself as the evolution of cooperative otherness. “One” being the intention, can it be produced by two people?
    - The Holy Bachelorette in the Wedding Cave - Greek festival 2015
    - Set out for Ithaca 2013 / a poetic blind date - Ithaca island 2013*
    - Arts and Philosophy - gallery Thision Lofts 2007
    - Arts and Literature - Industrial Space of Keriadon and Sfittion 2006
    *not participated
    visit site for more information
    Curator: Adonis Volanakis
    Curator assistant: Elli Vassalou
    Web+Graphic design: Elli Vassalou
    Photography: Alexander Koromilas
  • ignorant consultants design team [2006-…]

    creative design, photography, web development
    Οι ignorant consultants [i-cons] είναι μια συνεργατική ομάδα όπου τα μέλη της λειτουργούν ισότιμα μεταξύ τους ή και τελείως ανεξάρτητα. Ιδρύθηκαν το 2006 από μια παρέα [τότε] φοιτητών που γνωρίστηκαν στο Πολυτεχνείο της Πάτρας. Ο σχηματισμός της ομάδας πρόεκυψε από την ανάγκη μας για δημιουργική εργασία με βασική αρχή την ισοτιμία των μελών της, καταργώντας τις σχέσεις εκμετάλλευσης. Η πρακτική μας βασίζεται στον συνδυασμό γνώσεων διαφορετικών επιστημονικών πεδίων. Οι νέες τεχνολογίες και πολυμεσικές εφαρμογές είναι τα κεντρικά εργαλεία σε αυτήν μας την αναζήτηση, αν και δεν είναι τα μόνα. Ο διάλογος πραγματικού και ψηφιακού χώρου είναι το ζητούμενό μας είτε αυτό αφορά μία εικαστική παρέμβαση είτε μία αφίσα.
     η ομάδα: Αναγνώστου Λουίζα αρχιτέκτονας, γραφίστας, εικονογράφος//Βασσάλου Έλλη αρχιτέκτονας, γραφίστας, φωτογράφος, web developer // Πανταζόπουλος Γρηγόρης web developer 
    Η ομάδα i.cons αναλαμβάνει τον σχεδιασμό πραγματικών και ψηφιακών χώρων: - Αρχιτεκτονικές μελέτες, installations, σκηνικά ,σχεδιασμό σταντ και επίπλων. - Σχεδιασμό ιστοσελίδων, web εφαρμογών, εταιρικού προφιλ, logo, banners, διαφημιστικών εντύπων [αφίσες, flyers (more…)
  • lavandulas herbs & soaps [branding] 2012

    graphic design, packaging, photography, web design, posters ect for the artisanal soapmaking company lavandulas herbs and soaps
    logo design in collaboration with Zografia Karekou
  • erket [web+graphic design] 2010

    creative design, photography, logo, web design, posters for Research Centre for Greek Singing [ER.K.E.T.]
    creative design: Anagnostou Louiza, Vassalou Elli
    photoshoot: Anagnostou Louiza, Vassalou Elli
    model: Kakouri Sofia
    web development: Nanis Apostolos
    poster/programme: Vassalou Elli