• A VOCAL SOUND NOT YET FOUND [performative assemblies] 2023-2024

    The voice does not mask... It communicates the uniqueness of the one who emits it, and can be recognised by those to whom one speaks. - Adriana Caverero – A year after the Post Collective published their PAACT -Paperless Art Alliance ContracT-, they got invited by BBOT BNA and Maarten De Vrieze for a year residency centring voicing. The collective found the opportunity to expand and invite seven more artists with diasporic background to animate, through their experience and expertise, the document and open it up to different audiences to further develop and enrich it. "We wish to share personal and collective stories that originate from our experinces within different social and political systems, and the landscape of Art institutions. Stories do not just show who we are but also what we have in common with others; not just who we think we are, but also what shared circumstances shape our lives and our interdependent destinies. Our experience, stories and ongoing reflections are formalised into a working document: the Paperless Art Alliance Contract (PAACT), a set of mutually agreed conditions from which we would like to work within and beyond the collective". 11.11.2023 A Vocal Sound Not Yet Found - BNA-BBOT, Brussels 25.02.2024 Radical Shapeshifters - Kunsthal Mechelen 01.03.2024 So happy together? - sympa-symposium - Roodkapje, Rotterdam 07.03.2024 Holding Rehearsals - La Loge, Brussels 25.05.2024 We Buildt this! - Zinnema, Brussels The working group of The Post Collective are: Taziri Al Omrani, Fareed Aziz, Marcus Bergner, Maarten De Vrieze, Firewyni Getahun, Sawsan Maher, Hanan Maher, Mirra Markhaëva, Golnesa Rezanezhad, Lazara Rosell, Elli Vassalou and Souheila Yildiz. Workshop on sound archiving "who locked these sounds away and called them history?" By Shanti Suki Osman. with the support of BBOT-BNA, the city of Brussels, the Flemish Goverment kindly hosted by New Polyphonies, The Green Corridor, Kunsthal Gent, Lore Smolders atelier. www.voice.thepostcollective.be