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    Elli Vassalou was born in 1983 and raised in Athens, GR. She studied architecture at Patras School of Architecture. Her studies mainly concerned urban theory, sociology of space and contemporary art practices at the Art and Architecture Laboratory of the Department of Architecture with teachers Panos Kouros and N.P. Kazeros.
    Alongside her architectural studies she obtains courses of photography, video and cinema practice and theory.
    She has been practicing performing arts over 15 years [ballet, contemporary dance techniques, physical theatre, traditional Greek singing] something that enables her to put the human body in the center of her artistic and architectural research.
    Through 2010 to 2013 she lives in Nissiros, a small volcanic island of the Aegean sea where she works on rural and natural environment and landscape discovering the strong relation of human body with land in imaginary, therapeutic and nutritional aspect.
    Her work is a research on the embodied impact of space [urban, rural and natural] on collective memory and social, political and personal life of people: how to narrate and create situations through art practices such us collective and relational actions, site specific performances, public and archival art, photography and video documentary. Her work mostly takes place in public space, real or digital [web].
    She has worked with several artists, architects, dancers and directors [Adva Zakai, Heike Langdorf, Adonis Volanakis, Anna Tzakou, Sofia Grigoriadou, Anouk Llaurens, Hanna Kolbel, Maya Dalinsky]
    She has participated in architectural, artistic, dance, sociological, cinematic conferences and festivals [BUDA art center, Greek Festival, Athens Video Dance project, Athens Video Art Festival, Documenta 12 - Kassel, 6th European Landscape Biennial of Barcelona, Greek National Opera House...].
    From 2006 she is a member of the design collective “ignorant consultants” [photography, graphic and web design].
    From 2009 she is a member of a cooperative team of architects and craftsmen, working on natural [organic] building spreading the knowledge of building with earth practices. Saligari and Cooperative of Natural building is collaborating with many other autonomus collectives and creative commons and ecology festivals.
    Since 2013 she is a member of Performance Group Geopoetics. The group devises and performs site-specific and walking performances with the aim to experientially examine communal myths of presence via the somatic experience of site, place and landscape. Its members derive from different disciplines such as theatre, dance, performance art, poetry, architecture and anthropology.
    She is now a master student in Autonomous design and Activated Space of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts [KASK & Conservatorium] of University College Ghent, BE.