• Espace Fxmme: Getting Softer [textile design co-creation] 2021-2022

    Getting Softer is a series of workshops on different textile techniques that took place on the Thursday meetings of Espace Fxmme, aiming to create softer vessels of hospitality for the community of Globe Aroma. Using all the acquired knowledge, the group has designed a series of 6 patchwork curtains to furnish a softer, more feminine and fluid way of creating and holding space; that of textile. The elements are used inside Globe Aroma but are also a nomadic space, that travels around, manifesting and hosting a safer, intimate space of exchange for wxmen and non binary people in the public sphere, art institutions and wxmen spaces. Project initiated, curated and facilitated by Elli Vassalou. Getting Softer trajectory is designed together with textile artists and craftswomen: Golnesa Rezanezhad - visual artist, who led the patchwork and first composition workshops Salomé Grdzelischvili - felt and weaving artist Rae Sita Pratiwi - Indonesian batik artist Ramzi Hassan, Jamileh Ahmadzi - Afghan embroidery artists Anna Housiada and Mirra Markhaeva - visual artists Shorena Noniashvili - embroidery and beads expert craftswoman Espace Fxmme creation team * Shilemeza Prins, Mimouna Amri, Hafize Azimi, ​Ifrah Yusuf, Salimata Conde, Jasmien De Ryck, Clara de Vos. Workshop contributors * Sahra Abdikarin, Taziri Alomrani, ​Soumaya Mahroug, Kaatje Vermeiren, Mona Cornelis, Joan Somers Donnely, Larisa Utesheva, Maria Muehombo, Zam Zadeh,​ ​Pascale Felten, Bruna Esperi, Barbara Prada, Latifa, Christina Phoebe, Stelios Vassalos, Deborah Williams and more. Stitch ‘n Bitch workshops are part of GETTING SOFTER. Stitch ‘n Bitch workshops are a slow intimate process of soft hospitality, co-creation, knowledge sharing and convivial networking (socialising) between the women of Espace Fxmme, new members, collaborators and audiences. The group has also contributed to the Women, Life, Freedom movement and manifestations in Brussels and Ghent with the banners they created in the Stitch ‘n Bitch workshops, led by Golnesa Rezanezhad. Espace Fxmme presented Getting Softer in different cities through Stitch & Bitch workshops, talks and exhibitions. Some of the places that hosted Getting Softer were: Amsterdam * Framer Framed - Refugee Youth, Public Space and Artistic Practice’ Conference 2022 Berlin * Stations Gent *  viernulvier - Festival van de Gelijkheid Brussels * Beursschouwburg – Tashweesh Festival (talk: the power of the domestic, expo, workshop) Brussels * Allee du kaai Brussels* Summer of Globe festival 2022 Brussels * Gare Maritime, EVPA Impact Week