• Espace Fxmme: TALK WITH THE WALLS [spatial design co-creation] 2020-2021

    From 2020 to 2023, Elli works at Globe Aroma Open Art house as the artistic coordinator of Espace fxmme, a time based platform aiming to establish a safer space for womxn/non binary artists and creatives in a place previously dominated by masculine presence. She created, curated, facilitated and participated in the projects Talk With The Walls and Getting Softer. The project TALK WITH THE WALLS is a reflection, design exercise and action on the space of Globe Aroma following the values of intersectionality, solidarity, participation, creativity, inclusion, and care. The TALK WITH THE WALLS trajectory was divided in 3 steps, that took place every Thursday between for the span of a year. The first step, launched by a design workshop, saw the women discussing, projecting and designing what a safe space is and can be. They also analysed in a "temperature walk", how safe and unsafe they feel in the different spaces of Globe Aroma. The second step (Movable Walls) was dedicated to the design and the construction of a modular and movable wall/furniture. The emphasis was to go beyond the thought process of defining a safe space but to encourage, establish ownership by the action of building. The third and final step of TALK WITH THE WALLS is dedicated to creating The Mural inspired by strong and powerful figures of female/non-binary iconography, symbols and ornaments, personal stories of ancestors and female role models. The group designed and created a composition of female friendship and feminist values that was collectively painted during the Summer of Globe festival of 2021 in the lobby of Globe Aroma, a place where women have experienced in the past cat-calling and harassment.
    Safer Spaces design workshop facilitation and architectural design: Carol de Buck, Elli Vassalou Construction and workshop facilitation: Decoratelier: Jan Rymenants, Menno Vandevelde Builders: Shilemeza Prins, Anna Housiada, Amel Hamza, Helle Arfaoui, Elli Vassalou Mural workshop facilitation: Mirra Markhaëva Mural illustration: Mirra Markhaëva Mural painters: Sahra Abdikarin, Fatma Alomrani, Mimouna Amri, Helle Arfaoui, Mirra Markhaëva, Shilemeza Prins, An Vandermeulen, Elli Vassalou, Ifrah Yusuf, Kaatje Vermeiren, Mona Cornelis, Rabiatou Diallo, Bouchra Lamsyeh, Soumaya Mahroug, Joan Somers Donnelly Zine design: Mirra Markhaëva Photography: Elli Vassalou, Deborah Ephrem Text contributors: Anna Housiada, Mirra Markhaëva, Shilemeza Prins, Elli Vassalou, Ifrah Yusuf, Kaatje Vermeiren Text editors: Mona Cornelis, Kaatje Vermeiren