• Parallel Perceptions [video walking performance, workshop] 2017-18

    in collaboration with choreographer and visual artist Maya Dalinsky

    “Parallel Perceptions” is a collaborative format which explores various aspects of video walking and its applications in specific socio-political environments. Video walks allow the videographer to share her/his perception with another person by layering times and spaces: a video is recorded in a single shot, then given to another person who watches and re-animates in situ the videographer's movement on a handheld device. "Parallel Perceptions" guides participants through “affordance theory” and somatic-based exercises to awaken individual and group perception, and to build a shared toolkit of compositional approaches to space.

    Mayas interest is in the medium’s potential for “digital uncanny”: a disorienting perception of self that results when digital technologies layer times, spaces and perspectives. She approaches the format from a movement background and roots her practice in notions of embodiment, co-presence, cycling feedback, and proprioceptive expression. Elli, coming from architecture and socially-engaged art is  interested in the social aspect of the medium. How do we construct spatial narratives, how do they relate to our gender, size, history, age and how do these narratives, when shared, transform individual ones? Can the collective kinesthetic practice of video walking subvert the sociopolitical and architectural conditions of a space? Is that polyphony, experienced non-verbally, able to shift our identities, build counter maps, oppose pre-established dominant narratives and lead to place-making?
    workshops and lectures:

    Participative Video Festival, Ghent, May 2018, De Koer, participation in the panel: Technologies, methods & epistemologies

    Publieke_Salon_Public, Brussels, April 2018, workshop for a community participative design project at Saint Josse.
    La zone du Dehors, Brussels, March 2018, Erg school of Arts, Putsch Gallery, workshop and video walk action.
    Urban Emptiness festival, Nicosia, December 2017, bi-communal workshop and video walk action.
    La marche comme pratique de recherche, Brussels, December 2017, workshop with the students of Arba-Esa