• parliament [social choreography – participation] 2014

    The pioneering exhibition Parliament presents a work at a cross-section between Fine Arts and Performance, that will unfold in the courtyard of Pireos Street Annexe over the period of two weeks. Ordinary citizens, from all walks of society, come together to re-negotiate human affairs anew. The audience can join this process and immerse themselves amongst the diverse participants of Parliament. Throughout the opening-times boundaries between visitors and the participants constantly blur. They can watch from the sidelines or explore the courtyard and form relations. Citizens chosen through an open call for participation, will be given the opportunity to spend up to three working days together in the large courtyard of the Benaki Pireos Museum. There, they will spend the entire time observing themselves and each other whilst building a tentative system of exchange through simple means of movement. This process is guided by earlier conversations with choreographer Kliën. The space as well as the sparse sonic landscape will offer no particular sensory stimulation; all day will be spent tuning perception to the underlying dynamics of the individual and collective mind, sensing, and interacting with, nature’s self-organising dynamics. Traces inscribed in gestures and relations are left behind by each individual, potentially being picked up, developed and propagated by someone else. The public, who moves freely through the space amongst the ten individuals, does not necessarily know who is, and who is not, officially part of Parliament. Audience members can volunteer to take the place of a participant for three days (after a day of initiation). Choreography: Michael Kliën(AT) Artistic Collaborator: Vitoria Kotsalou (GR), Jeffrey Gormly (IE) Dramaturgy: Steve Valk (DE) Participants: 50 citizens as well as some from the audience