• School Of LOVE [platform for collective artistic practices] 2016-2021

    www.schooloflove.be Scool of Love (SOL) is a platform for collective practices that stem from reflections on the notion of Love as a public concern and a political mode of being that should be taught in schools. It was initiated in 2016 by students and teachers from the Autonomous Design department at KASK school of Arts (Ghent, BE), but consists of artists and researchers from different fields. SOL is practiced through regular weekly meetings, events, workshops and performances that engage with the exploration of Love and School as charged with potential for change in society. SOL aims to contribute to the perception of school as more than just a safe incubator that prepares the inexperienced for an existing reality outside of it. We approach school as a place for experimentation, reflection and collectivity, that can change society instead of adapting to it. We insist on learning how to deal with the unknown, rather than in learning how to know. you can find how we are doing SOL here: https://www.schooloflove.be/doingsol/