• Syntrofisses [p2p ethnographic workshop] 2019

    Syntrofisses* Facilitated by Elli Vassalou, 18-19/06/2019 “Inhabiting the borderlands” summer school, FAC: Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research, Athens, GR 2 days workshop, cooking and exploring together with a group of cis and queer wxmen our experiences of patriarchal structures and its deviances as they are performed around the festive family banquets and the narratives of greek “philoxenia” [hospitality] How can we apply a politics of care around a dinner table? Can we nourish each​ ​other through our personal, sometimes painful, storylines?  Syntrofisses invite us to be the vulnerable observers- bringing in our experience on gendered roles, unspoken exclusions and their relationship with cooking,  and the rituals of sharing food. day 1 In a small group, preparing and folding together “Dolmadakia” and unfolding our intimate stories. day 2 Sharing observations and mapping them collectively, while dinning together in the center. *Syntrofi: Greek compound word coming from feed [trofi] + together [syn] and means companions, comrades, lovers... The Syntrofi project crosses through artistic and social practices, where the observer is the part taker, the public is the performer, the artistic is the political, and individual cases become a collective concern.