• The Post Collective

    http://post.opendesigncourse.be/ The Post Collective offers an autonomous platform of co-creation co-learning and cultural activism for refugees, asylum seekers, sans papiers and invited participants. It seeks to introduce a range of artistic, cultural and employment opportunities, as well as provide an overall collaborative environment for the participants regardless of their legal status. The collective arose from the version of the ‘Open Design Course for Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ at KASK school of arts, Ghent (BE). Generative modes of dialogue and storytelling played a central part of this course and also form an important basis to the speculative and experiential approaches to design and art making embraced by the collective. For a priority goal is in developing creative alternatives beyond and against the dominate systems of control and exclusion facing refugees and those sans papier. This means facilitating the position where they do not struggle to be assimilated but instead strive to rethink and re-conceptualize critically a future where the identity of the refugee is celebrated as “the vanguard of their peoples” and, as such, involves a level of participation in the society that is not just filling in the gaps in terms of representing diversity. The agency and existential empowerment of the individual as Hannah Arendt reminds us “arises only when people act together” and therefore the collective aims to forge ongoing connections and modes of exchange with other groups and organizations. Offering a situation where the collective’s participants ask questions and do the inviting rather than just be invited. For as Tania Cañas explains “This is a conceptual shift from working for community, and not even with, but as community“. Individual and group projects already generated by the collective include poster design, film and sound productions, publications and performance works.


    Mirra Markhaeva (Buriatia) Illustrator / graphic designer 
    Fatma Alomrani (Lybia) Artist / human rights activist /editor
    Elli Vassalou (Greece) Artist / Activist / Designer / Researcher
    Mohamed Tawfiq (Iraq) Graphic designer / game designer
    Hooman (Iran) Artist / musician / digital designer
    Sawsan Mahir (Syria) Philosopher / designer
    Marcus Bergner (Australia) Filmmaker / writer/ sound artist Muhned Bnana (Lybia) Writer/ Researcher
    Yared Yilma (Ethiopia) Writer / tour leader / polyglot Samer Alagha (Syria) Artist
    Email: odc.postcollective@gmail.com fb page: https://www.facebook.com/post.collective/