• Object Biographies: relocation, reuse, transformation [research, web archive] 2016

    Object Biographies: relocation, reuse, transformation
    an artistic research focusing on the mediterranean coasts
    An artistic research focusing on the flow, reuse and transformations of objects that end up to the Mediterranean coasts. Our case study is currently Lesvos, an island directly linked to heavy migration flows. Life vests, boats, piles of clothing are some of the materials that travel together with people. Once these objects reach the island, they get transformed into items of unexpected use. Using various sources such as social and mass media, personal and collective archives and in situ observations, we archive such cases in a blog entitled “Object biographies: relocation, reuse, transformation”. Our research is open to contributions that either consider Lesvos or other shores of the Mediterranean.
    Sharing any material on this blog does not mean accordance with, promotion or advertisment of the objects/artworks/ideas presented. Likewise, opinions expressed by sources shared in blog posts do not express the administrators’ opinions.
    Artists : Sofia Grigoriadou (Greece) and Elli Vassalou (Greece – Belgium)
    This project is part of the Mediterranean Bodies Project.