• METACΠΟRA a series of texts, recipes and artworks created for the year project Metaspora written by Anna Housiada, Mirra Markhaeva, Sawsan Maher and Elli Vassalou, part of Veldwerk II, Plan B, Belgium. publication due to 21 May 2023
  • SURPLUS CINEMAS, (Sofia Dati, Maria Christoforidou, Rabab El Mouaden, Christina Phoebe, Elli Vassalou) contribution to the publication of WOMEN’S FILM HERITAGE, UK, Archive books, to be published in September 2023
  • CASTING OUR KINO-EYES OVER THE COLLECTIVE HORIZON By The Post Film Collective (Marcus Bergner, Mirra Markhaeva, Sawsan Maher, Robin Vanbesien, Elli Vassalou)
    for Blackwood Gallery publications, The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK): issue 15, CONFIDING, Toronto Canada 2023
  • PAPERLESS ART ALLIANCE CON-TRACT & wild flowers and Turkish seeds
    Illustrations and text contribution by The Post Collective: Marcus Bergner, Mirra Markhaeva and Elli Vassalou, State of the Arts : fair arts Almanac 2023, June – State of Migration, Editor: Nicolas Galeazzi (Belgium 2023)
    Interview: What can we learn from the experiences of SOS Relief, Globe Aroma, Common Wallet and The Post Collective with sharing money? Sharing money sounds cool. But it needs extra concern to make ‘solidarity’ rhyme with ‘community’. Philippine Hoegen (SOS Relief), Anna Rispoli (Common Wallet) and Elli Vassalou (Globe Aroma & The Post Collective) share their different experiences. “To avoid that the sharing of money turns into charity, you need to think about equity. How to be comrades in a collective struggle?”
    published in and the fair arts Almanac 2023, September Solidarity/Redistribution, Editor: Wouter Hillaert, Belgium 2023
  • Hoe kunst collectief werkt The tenth edition of the festival Visite, from Nov. 17 to 20, 2022, focused on collectives. A public conversation put the finger on practices, possibilities and stumbling blocks of working together as migrant women artists. The article is a discussion with the women2women collective (Kroatia) and the post film collective (Belgium) moderated by Visite curator Eva van Tongeren.
    Published in Fantomas film criticism magazine, Belgium 2023



  • Collective of Collectives, Collective of collectives is a proposal by The Post Collective for Catalyst CIRCLUSION, the collective research of Te(n) cuidado on the role of care in the cultural sector and especially in the organization of cultural collectives and self-managed organizations. Online publication, Te(n) cuidado, 2022
  • The Post Collective: Building spaces for change
    Interview by Eva De Groote For Ruimte voor Kunst, Flanders Art Institute, Brussels 2022



  • How To Get Into School In (Not So) Simple Steps_4 Stories
    A text by the Post collective, with the stories of Sawsan Maher, Alimu Mohhammed, Mirra Markhaeva and Elli Vassalou, illustrations Mirra Markhaeva
    School of equals, edited by Stijn Van Dorpe, Sarah Késenne: LUCA School of Arts, Buda, Kortrijk , Grafische Cel, Belgium 2021
  • Our dream sequence for a Globe Aroma future, a series of thoughts
    A text by Globe Aroma current team: An Vandermeulen, Heleen Debeuckelaere, Brecht Theanis, Elli Vassalou
    School of equals, edited by Stijn Van Dorpe, Sarah Késenne: LUCA School of Arts, Buda, Kortrijk , Grafische Cel, Belgium 2021


  • Good practices regarding sexism and decolonization in art schools: open design course
    Article for open design course,  Rektoverso online magazine, October 2019
  • Practising the Future through Voicing: School of LOVE
    Participation in the research project and publication of Choreography as Conditioning [CASC], 2019



  • SAMEN ETEN, interview by Soffie Crabbe for the Syntrofi project
    Metropolis M magazine, Nr 4 – 2017, Gent, Augustus 2017
    published also online here


  • astiko horio: radical loopholes in Athens
    ημερίδα: αυτόνομες συλλογικές επεμβάσεις στον αστικό χώρο, θέατρο εμπρός, 2013


  • Αστικο Χωριό, παρουσιάση διακεκριμενων αρχιτεκτονικων διπλωματικών εργασιων στον Ελλαδικό χώρο, 2009-2010.  Περιοδικο  Greek Architects 2011


  • Η σκηνοθέτις Μαρία Λεωνίδα γράφει…συνεντευξη για το αστικο χωριο με την Έλλη Βασσάλου και την Λουίζα Αναγνώστου- περιοδικό Αθηνόραμα 05-11-2009



  • Constructing the Public Sphere: topical works 2002-2007
    Contribution with 3 projects in Arts in Public Space in the city of Patras.
    Book edited by Panos Kouros. Visual arts laboratory Patras: Department of Architecture, Futura Editions 2007