• geopoetics project: Nissiros [Research in Performance Practice] 2013

    εργαστήριο γεωποιητικής: Nίσυρος Μάιος - Ιουνιος 2013
    παραστατική πρακτική αυτοσχεδιασμού και σύνθεσης βάσει τη σχέση σώματος και τοπίου
    Through dance we can rediscover our spiritual identity and community we have lost and the work of making this dance current, immediate and necessary continues to of the greatest importance (Kaplan, Anna Halprin: Moving toward Life, 1995: xii)
    Under the notion of meeting -- fundamental precondition of performance practicing and making-- and through the theme of ‘landscape makes identity possible’, Geopoetics Project seeks to examine communal myths of present. By applying performance practices (Grotowski Paratheatre, Anna Halprin) into the natural and historical topographies of Nisyros , the laboratory aims to investigate embodied stories inherently held into the land and to knit creatively an expression of our unfolding selves in ‘here and now’.
    Geopeotics Project [12 May - 8 June 2013] is the second performance practice laboratory of a PhD Research in Performance Practice, Drama Department, University of Exeter. The first laboratory took place in Aegina (February – March 2012). The research uses a body-landscape performance practice to investigate contemporary Greek culture.
    Research/ Training: Anna Tzakou Voice training: Alexis Ioannou In situ research: Anna Tzakou, Elli Vassalou
    Participants : Andrianna Aleksiou Marios Chatziprokopiou Angela Delichatsios Alexis Ioannou Georgos Papamihalakis Anna Tzakou
    Video Art-Documentation: Elli Vassalou Poster graphics: Marianna Backoula Poster photography: Elli Vassalou