• SHETISTES [photography] 2014

    Site Specific Installation at the Slow Festival, held in semi-abandoned building at Panepistimiou 64 Omonia Sq.
    by Marianna Xyntaraki + Lida Voutsina
    photography Elli Vassalou
    more about this project @hiboux Architecture
    περισσότερα για τους Σχετιστες εδώ
    An empty sex shop that  moved across the street … Sexual equipments for sale, items designed to increase desire and intensify sexual contact. Erotic mediators that regulate behaviors and establish ways of approaching the other. The sexual act is condensed in the temporality of  ¨sex¨ and established within the domain of privacy.
    On the contrary at the public sphere the collective behaviors are automated and repeatable leading to a continuous production of the same.
    Waiting time, the dead  time spent at the subway, in the bank, at the cashier of the supermarket. Time  vulnerable and  fragile  precisely because it is time – in between-.
    We attempt to disrupt the automated collective behavior by making use of two archetypical gestures:  touching under the table seen as a sexual allusion and the scratching of the back as a physical pleasure.
    As we depart from sex shop products, equipments that are intended to accelerate the desire and maximize pleasure during sex, we shift to artifacts that explore the  relationship between desire and pleasure by constantly delaying and postponing sexual intercourse.
    Actually sexual contact Is decompressed , its realm expands and  intrudes into the public sphere , so as to include all the processes of managing  the distance from each other.
    Artifacts attached to the body [as references to those of the sex shop] are displaying another kind of sexual practice. A kind  that addresses a public availability.
    Odd objects and  artifacts of questionable effectiveness. Unclear messages in a communication whose means should be re-explored.