• SPLASH! [participatory performance]

    a performance for the pool Mimosa in Kortrijk

    Myriam Van Imschoot & Christine De Smedt | Artistic leadership and direction Keren Kraizer, Louis Nam Le Van Ho,  Elli Vassalou, Liza Baliasnaja | Creative collaboration

    more about the team here , trailer

    22 December 2018, 20:15 - 23 December 2018, 16:00 + 20:15 Place: Mimosa in Mimosalaan, Kortrijk, reservation: http://www.budakortrijk.be/nl/tickets/reserveren-splash

    The relentless swimmer who does laps, the athlete who trains to break her butterfly stroke record, the youngsters dunking each other, the child who does not dare to jump off the springboard, the toddlers in the water introduction class, or the seniors at the aquagym, etc ... Together they make the pool what it is. For SPLASH! directors Myriam Van Imschoot and Christine De Smedt found inspiration in the swimming pool as a public space and amalgmam of physical cultures. Now the various users, routines and practices get a star role in this evening-length piece. From the side the audience watches the ins and outs. Public space and intimacy intermingle. SPLASH! is made in the framework of Kortrijk European Capital 2018 and offers a last chance to see he Mimosa Pool in full glory before the pool closes the doors for good. The piece was developped throughout various periods of observation, exploration and experimentation to which many sympathisants contributed with kind help and support.

    Sound: Ruben Nachtergaele |Production management: Isabelle Vander Stockt and Famke Struyve | Light and technique: Bram Coeman, Brecht Vandenbroucke and Joost Man | Developed in Co-laBo | Production: Arts Center BUDA (Kortrijk) | In collaboration with: City Kortrijk (departments Sports and Culture) | With the support of: Vlaamse Gemeenschap

    Performance: Francine Casaert, Tom Demesmaeker, Patrick and Fiona Rademan, Lode and Lou Steenhoudt, Lieven Coene, Lennert Deleu, Roos Desmet, Hilde Damman, Thomas Birzan, Charlotte Vanfleteren, Christa Viaene, Rika Delombaerde, Mies, Sien and Piet Vandersteene,  Federico Vladimir, Seble Hooge, Christal Reynard, Lili and Rossen Chichkova, Helena Gryspeerdt, Hannah Cantineau, the swimmers of Boas  Jarich and Chantal Vandenberghe, the divers from Diversclub Kortrijk Emilie Maebe, Laurent Libeert, Jari Fadeux, The Watertrappers Ingrid Baert, Karine Breams, Mario Vanluchene, Jeannique Dezitter, Chantal Duck with the swimmers of Royal Swimclub Kortrijk Maegen Verhelle, Guillemyn Lucas, Thibaut Debooser, Arne Mestdagh, Thijs Meulemans, Axel Heyerick, Jonas Samijn, Marie - Julie Parmentier, Anice Remmery, Edith Mattens, Henri Devoldere, Annabel Christiaens, Xander Vaernewijck, Marit en Matthijs Cockelaere and Jens Heyerick and the artistic team.